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Are you seriously asking if vaping is safe or dangerous?

The question is not whether Vapes or E-cigarettes are healthier than smoking. The question is what is the most likely future for someone who uses these products?

Regardless of your reason for Vaping or using E-cigarettes, the fact remains that even commercially distributed Vaping products contain harmful chemicals that are known to harm you. Long-term use is not advisable, nor should it be perceived as “safe.”

Below are some data points and articles so you can decide for yourself.

  • The FDA has not approved Vapes or E-cigarettes to help with smoking cessation
  • Various studies show only 3-10% of people switching to Vaping from cigarettes are able to entirely give up all forms of smoking
  • Vaping and E-cigarettes often result in higher intakes of Nicotine than traditional cigarettes
  • Research that shows Vaping to initially enhance smokers’ ability to quit also show a higher % of relapse than other methods

Studies show Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy has been 50%-90% effective in helping people quit smoking.

Check out some of the articles below for opinions on both sides of the discussion about Vaping and E-cigarette safety.






Do your research and formulate your own opinion on the safety of Vaping and E-cigarettes. When you or a loved one are ready to stop, we’re here to help.

Our lungs are meant to breath fresh air. There’s no debate on this. The quality of that air is already in question, and choosing to smoke or vape is certainly not going to make it any healthier.

– Robert Barnett C.Ht, MBA, PMP

Hypnosis To Quite SMoking Now

Somehow, “Smoke… it does a body good” doesn’t seem credible, no matter the source. Hypnosis can help you quit smoking or vaping permanently.


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