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Reduce anxiety now with 5 simple steps

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REDUCE ANXIETY NOW!  Our custom one-on-one telehealth hypnosis process is proven to reduce your anxiety fast…but, for relief right now, here are 5 simple things you can do on your own to begin reducing your anxiety today:

Just breathe

Stress and anxiety can cause your body and mind to seemingly get beyond your control.  This can indicate activation of the sympathetic nervous system.  While it’s meant to be an automatic safety net, it often triggers the fight or flight response in very unwanted situations.  A few deep breaths can help alleviate this out-of-control feeling by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and kickstarting your relaxation response.  The result is an overall improved sense of emotional and physical control, allowing you to feel better and make better choices.

Put down the chips  (carbs)

Shifting your mind to think about food as fuel can not only improve energy levels and help you manage your weight, but it can also improve your mood and reduce stress.  Instead of reaching for the chips or a candy bar, find a high fiber protein balanced snack.  Those simple carbs are tempting in the moment, but studies show that too much can increase anxiety or stressful feelings.


Quality sleep effectively allows the mind to release chemical deposits caused by stress throughout the day.  Inadequate sleep also tends to increase stress hormones during the following day.  Yes.  It’s a double whammy!  To make matters worse, it’s not just the length of sleep that matters, but also the quality of our sleep.  The good news is that all the steps help alleviate daytime stress, which can improve your sleep at night.

Reduce caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that is known to cause increased anxiety in higher doses.

Because everyone’s tolerance to caffeine is different, pay attention to how your body and mind react to caffeine.  Over time your sensitivity to caffeine can change; so, it makes sense to occasionally re-assess.

Given the opportunity, caffeine consumption is often a habit that tends to stealthily increase over time.  Has your intake had an uptick?

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