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Recognize and manage screen and internet addiction with hypnosis & other tools


However you feel personally about screen addiction, regardless of whether you believe in its diagnosis, there is no denying that the overuse of electronics can present a major issue for both children and adults. Hypnotherapy is a great way to modify habits and break unhealthy behaviors like screen addiction and internet addiction.

  • Some reports suggest up to 38% of people suffer of “Internet Addiction”
  • A much higher % of folks are finding they overuse electronics in general, to the point where it detracts from other areas of their lives

How do we recognize Screen Addiction or Internet Addiction?

As with many behaviors, labeling something as an addiction can be tricky — and a determination I leave up to others. That said, the better question is “How do I recognize a problem of overuse?”

Look for the following emotional & physical signs:

  • General disinterest in other activities; especially worth noting if it previously was a strong area of interest
  • Struggling to enact or accept any screen time or internet time restrictions
  • The themes and content blanket other areas of their lives — conversations always seem to center around Roblox
  • It is or is becoming the predominant form of socialization — interfering with face-to-face interaction or family time
  • There is deception or sneaking of extra screen time or internet time
  • The screen time or internet time becomes their primary mood booster or stress release
  • If the idea of not having internet access or access to electronics creates anxiety

What can families do for Screen time or Internet Addiction?

  • Unplug the internet or otherwise remove the device that poses the greatest challenges (simple. not easy.)
  • Go on a family retreat — shift the focus to simple fun and intrinsic rewards
  • Balance internet and screen exposure with other physical, mental and socialization activities
  • Consider the various software and hardware technologies to limit access (time and content)
  • Most importantly, address the issue as early as possible and enforce changes
  • For parents… set a good example (for goodness sake!)
  • And, of course, consider calling us for help!

“The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware that they are not free”

― Nassim Nicholas Taleb


The symptoms of screen addiction are very real.

Hypnotherapy including hypnosis and other tools can help.


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